SQill helps you to create a future proof curriculum

By utilizing SQill your curriculum will no longer consist out of numerous Word, PDF, and Excel files. You have all of the educational information in one place.

This ensures that lecturers, students and staff know where to find the content and always have the most recent version.

We help you to further structure the curriculum process and give you new insights into your curriculum.

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Building a new curriculum in a structured way

SQill structures the curriculum design process from the first sketch. Information about learning objectives, preconditions and lesson content can be added continuously. In doing so, SQill supports the collaboration between the various people who design the curriculum and SQill provides constant insight into the progress.

Educational vision

The educational vision and accompanying educational model are always central to SQill. Create your own building blocks to build up the curriculum step by step.

Constructive alignment

Create balance and awareness by recording learning goals, teaching methods and testing. In SQill, continuous analyses can be made in real time to have an up-to-date picture of the coherence of the curriculum.

Develop together

Build the curriculum together in one place in SQill without using separate spreadsheets or files. Everyone can view, edit and format the parts that are relevant to him or her.

Curriculum management was never this easy

The curriculum is revised every year and further developed or renewed on the basis of evaluations. During the preparation, we can compare the content with previous year. This gives you the opportunity to see which content is new, if you need to change the schedule or hire new lecturers. With SQill, all information is stored in one place and workflows can easily be set up to ensure that the new academic year can get off to a good start.

Flexible data model

Adding extra data fields is supported out of the box. This allows the curriculum to be continuously developed for all types of education.

Workflows & tasks

Define your own workflows and immediately assign tasks to colleagues. Deadlines can be added to both tasks and workflows to keep a grip on the planning.

Single source

Edit and format all information in one place. As a result, everyone is always aware of the current status and changes within the curriculum.

In depth analysis and publication of your curriculum

Everyone has access to the most up-to-date information in SQill that is relevant to them. Determine who is allowed to edit and keep track of different parts for the curriculum. Decide which user groups have insights into the study load, literature list and many more.

Study manuals & Syllabi

We can automatically generate and export a bibliography, study guide or course manual in the style of the institution. Share the documents easily via PDF, website or via your Learning Management System.

Course catalogue

In the course catalogue, students can browse through the course content online. They are guided in making their choices based on the information in SQill.

Search & Compare

You can search through all your curriculum content. This provides direct insight into where certain subjects are taught and how they are related.


Customer stories

We are pleased to share our knowledge and that of our users about curriculum management and flexible education. Read on to learn how our users apply SQill to answer questions about curriculum and on-going education development.


Integration and linking options

Single Sign-on

Always log in with your own accounts, whether that is via SURFConext or via your own AD.

External systems

Links with external systems are possible through custom links and the available REST API from SQill.


SQill integrates with your Learning Management System, allowing students and lecturers to access the curriculum directly.

HR-integration /SCIM

Automatic management of users, so their rights and roles are automatically correct.

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