Use SQill to gradually develop a tailored curriculum that fits the educational vision

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centralise the educational vision

SQill focuses on the educational vision and associated educational model. Develop the curriculum with your own chosen building blocks to build up the curriculum step by step.

Educational model

SQill supports various educational models and focuses on the chosen educational model and vision. Build the curriculum on the basis of the educational model that fits the vision of the institution.

Building blocks

Choose with which building blocks the curriculum is built up. By assembling the building blocks, you determine the level at which the information is stored.


Add extra information step by step about, for example, the lesson content, assessment frameworks, planning, literature or research.

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Aligned Curriculum

The development of the curriculum starts with the substansive framework, the attainment targets , the learning objectives and the competences. Step by step you add the eduation programme with the correct forms of education. Ultimately SQill shows whether the tests, teaching methods and learning objectives lead to constructive alignment for the basic program or a specific study path.

Learning objectives

SQill offers the possibility to define the substantive frameworks and to develop them into learning objectives that are linked to the educational programme.

Education forms

Determine the desired forms of education and record what the students learn here. Immediately add information about the performance, literature or lecturers.


Easily create a test or exam plan in SQill by adding the test formats. This allows you to demonstrate at any time that your curriculum is consistent.

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Develop together

More and more people are involved in the development of the curriculum in each phase. For example, lecturers will work out the material of a new course or module at a later stage and schedulers will be involved in developing a schedule. With SQill you can streamline, monitor and document these collaborations. This allows you to keep a grip on the process, whether you are working on the curriculum with five, ten or five hundred people.


Streamline collaboration with workflows and tasks so everyone works with the same tasks and deadlines in one central place.


When a deadline approaches, you will automatically receive alerts. You have a direct view of who has to perform which task and when. With SQill you keep control of the process.


In addition to the end result, it is also important to document the choices. This is automatically retained because we facilitate and document collaborations.

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