Share all curriculum information with SQill in the format suitable for the study programme.

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Personal documents

Easily compile documents such as official attachments, book lists or readers. In SQill, document can ben automatically formatted in your corporate identity of the study programme.

Official attachments

Publish an official attachment directly from SQill. The current version will be converted to an official version that can only be updated by you.

Book lists & Readers

Gather information across the curriculum to publish book lists, course descriptions or module guides.

Own visual identity

SQill distinguishes between structure and layout. With SQill, all documents can be automatically formatted with your own visual identity.

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Course catalog

The course catalog informs and guides students in making the right choice. With the help of our study guide, student are advised in their choices and they can easily compare the study offer.

Overview on any device

With SQill, students have a good overview of the education that's on offer. Students can browse through the course catalog to see the full range of education on any type of device.

Assists selection process

SQill assists students in selecting electives, minors, or fields of study within the program. Students can easily compare education options and thus make an informed decision that is suitable for them.

Compare courses

SQill shows the alternative choices that students can make to meet all learning outcomes based on text analysis.

Catalogus van SQill op laptop en mobiel apparaat

Overviews for all involved

With SQill, all information in the curriculum is searchable and various search filters can be applied. In-house systems can be integrated into SQill, so that all relevant information comes together in one place.

Browse through all content

Easily find all the needed information in SQill. This makes it easier for a lecturer, for example, to find out where a topic has been discussed before.

Learning insights

Gain insights into learning goals, which teacher is teaching which subjects, what has changed this year and much more. Everyone involved can create new overviews to get additional insights into the curriculum.

Integrate with other systems

SQill is easy to integrate with other systems such as a Learning Management System. In this way, students and lecturers can immediately find all relevant information about the study programme.

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