Streamline curriculum management and collaborate on a single curriculum version.

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Easy collaboration

SQill allows for easy collaboration and curriculum management through a variety of flexible roles. It is possible to make comments or ask questions in the system using suggestions and notations.

Flexible roles

Determine which roles are required to manage the curriculum and who has access to view, approve, or modify it.


Post comments in SQill by making suggestions to work together towards the desired result.

To do list

Maintain a good insight into tasks when posting a comment or asking a question. SQill manages to-do lists and automatically sends a reminder when a deadline is approaching.

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Streamlined process

Easily convert existing work processes to SQill. Turn of workflows automatically, monitor progress, and receive automatic reminders. Never miss deadlines for the study guide, OER or SIS again.


Translate the processes into workflows. Determine once which users are allowed to perform which actions and when the deadlines are. SQill then assigns the tasks to the right people.

Monitor the progress

SQill automatically sends reminders at the times you set yourself. SQill always shows what is on schedule and what is not, so that adjustments can be made in time.


Define the statuses yourself and attach the consequences to them. When parts are final, SQill forwards them directly to our study guide or an external system.

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One version of the curriculum

SQill makes sure that users can always work in only one version at a time. Users make fewer mistakes in the input and immediately see whether something has already been changed.

Always up-to-date

In SQill, the curriculum is always up-to-date because changes are processed in real time. See immediately who made the most recent change and when.

Limit errors

Reduce errors in SQill by setting your own limit values and options for the various input fields. This prevents duplication of work and fewer additional checks are required.

Working simultaneously

Work in parts of the curriculum at the same time as other users, eliminating the need to wait for others to finish.

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